Lucia di Lammermoor - Washington National Opera 2012
Michael Chioldi was a memorable Enrico, summoning a warm, hearty sound and putting a darkly communicative spin on every phrase. He made the most of the chilling attributes added here to the character; in addition to the doll business, this Enrico stumbled into the Wolf Crag's scene carrying an obviously well-sampled flask, and, as the final curtain fell, coolly twisted the neck of a wounded, pleading Edgardo.
Opera News

Michael Chioldi also delivers as Enrico. It has been quite a while since I've heard a baritone who can produce as rich a sound and so much vividly communicative phrasing into Enrico's Act 1 aria. Throughout, Chioldi uses his vocal and dramatic resources in rewarding fashion.

Baritone Michael Chioldi portrays Enrico as a cold, twisted psychopath. Mr. Chioldi's Enrico exhibits further signs of depravity early in the opera's second half. He's quite the villain in this production, and underlines his character's inner motivations with an effective, menacing vocal delivery. His scenes with Edgardo, Saimir Pirgu crackled with tension.
Washington Times

As dominating brother Enrico, baritone Michael Chioldi walks a fine line. It's not easy being a repugnant character, especially with Alden's interest in suggesting, at worst, the incestuous, and at best, a thorough unpleasantness, but Chioldi keeps Enrico as compelling as he is awful. Chioldi sings with a rich, beautifully flexible tone, serving Donizetti's somber score well.
Posted: May-4-2012
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