Michael Chioldi will also perform some shows as the title role which OperaWire praised stating, “Michael Chioldi Triumphed.”


The season opens with The Flying Dutchman, written by legendary German composer Richard Wagner and starring Metropolitan Opera performers Michael Chioldi and Wendy Bryn Harmer.


"The gifted Michael Chioldi appeared in the title role, and the audience was treated to some true, world class baritone singing. The voice is scaled for a venue larger than Jordan Hall. It is dark in timbre, and extremely focused. Moments such as Henry's Act IV monologue and the final passages of the opera were nothing short of thrilling." - Ed Tapper - Edge Media Network


"Michael Chioldi was called in at the last minute to replace him. And what Chioldi did was no less than Caesar-like: he came, he sang, he conquered." - Maria-Cristina Necula - Women About Town


Michael talks to Keri Alkema and Sondra Radvanovsky.

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