Madama Butterfly - Palm Beach Opera 2011
Two of the supporting voices were exceptionally fine, beginning with baritone Michael Chioldi as Sharpless. Here was a consul who made an impact in every one of the acts, and this is the first time I can remember thinking I wish Puccini had written some more for Sharpless to do. Chioldi has a big, rich voice that stood equal in his exchanges with Borsi and Valenti, his singing gave the character real presence, and that did a lot to help fill out the drama.
Baritone Michael Chioldi sang Sharpless, the American consul, about as well as it can be sung, with a rich, powerful voice that filled out the back story for this secondary figure (and audience approval was clear at curtain).
As Sharpless, the baritone Michael Chioldi handled the role in an assured, confident manner, conveying moral decency and concern for Pinkerton's victims, all with a subtlety and realism that allowed him to show disapproval for Pinkerton with a glance or gesture. His grave voice worked well with Valenti's brighter instrument, radiating compassion in Io so che alle sue pene and at the end of the opera.
South Florida Classical Review
Posted: Feb-12-2013
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